Advanced Wound Analytics



Over Traditional Wound Care Management Systems

Professional wound analytics report printout in full color

Professional wound analytics report printout in full color

Can be integrated with home health EMR/EHR

Secure HIPAA compliant Google enterprise cloud servers

Accurate and consistent digital measurement of wounds

Advanced wound analytics and outcomes monitoring

Definitive assessment parameters for all wound types

Area measurement of irregularly-shaped wounds available

Essential Benefits To Your Agency.

Provide your agency with key elements in developing an effective wound care program under PDGM.

A must-have tool to prepare for the upcoming CMS Home Health Value-Based Program (HHVBP).

Real-time tracking of wound status can result in reduction of your wound care management costs.

Comprehensive wound analytics allow for relevant evidence-based approach to treatment options.

Outcome goals with your wound care management can become more achievable and measurable.

Engages your clinicians to a simple, real-time and efficient process in wound care documentation.


Special offer for licensed home health agencies only.

For a limited time only, get a free one year unlimited use of the basic Woundtrack Management System


Limited Time Offer For Licensed Home Health Agencies Only Free one year unlimited use of the Basic Woundtrack System

Wound assessment and progress timeline.

Definitive assessment parameters for all wound types.

Wound status tracking per clinician visit.

Side by side comparison of the current and previous wound assessment and analytics status.

Mobile app interface manages the processes in real-time.

On-screen digital length and width measurement of wounds.

Wound treatment order editor.

Professional ready-to-print wound analytics report in full color.

Premium Woundtrack System Unlimited use: $12 per month or $120 for 12-month subscription

All the basic Woundtrack features above plus:

Automated area measurement of irregularly shaped wounds

Special Wound Image Processing for all subscribers (Basic or Premium) $2 per wound image processed

Length and width measurement

Area measurement of irregularly-shaped wound

Adjust orientation to match the previously assessed wound

Resize image to match the previously assessed wound image

Image enhancement for better clarity in viewing

Full-color print-ready Wound Analytics report

Processing complete within 24 hours

This option is available in the wound assessment page.